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Footballer’s Salaries :

Soccer or Football is a game which is played between 2 clubs of normally eleven players with a spherical ball. It is one of the popular games in USA and European countries and has a bright and remarkable history in the world of sports. Commonly it is said that primary growth of the modern football started from England. This game plays in 205 countries over 280 million people which making it the world’s most popular game. That’s why football clubs are paying descent salaries to their players… See all football clubs player’s salary payroll here.


Baseball Players Salary :

Who don’t know about Baseball? Baseball is a bat (different from cricket bat) and ball game which is played between two clubs of 9 players. Their objective is to raise maximum runs by striking a thrown ball with a bat at the areas of a 90-foot diamond.More than a sport, Baseball always remains a part of the American tradition and the basic part of public mind. They started playing baseball by local rules in the 1800. This game is much popular in England, USA and Canada and their players are taking thousands of Dollars… See all Baseball teams player’s salaries here.


Tennis players net worth :

The modern Tennis (Lawn and Carpet) began from Birmingham, England in 1970’s. Tennis is a game which is generally played between 2 players (singles) or 4 players (Doubles). Both players use a racket to smack a hollow rubber ball into the opponent’s area. Most historians consider that tennis started from France in early 12th century, at that time racket was not used. Rackets came into use in early 16th century. Tennis is an Olympic game and most popular in Australia, USA and UK. Tennis stars are taking much salary according to Rank and performance… See Men Tennis player’s Net worth here and Women Tennis players earning here.


NHL rosters Salaries:

This is the professional Game which is mostly played in US and Canada. This game is also know as Ice hockey and the major events of this game is AHL and NHL.


Basketball rosters Salary :

This is the professional sports in which Ten players (5 each team) on a rectangular court and this game is more popular in USA. The main aim is to shoot a round ball through a hoop 45.7 inches (0.46 metre) in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each side, see Salaries of all NBA Players.

NFL Rosters Earning :

National Football League was formed  on August, 29th 1920 in which almost 32 teams from all over USA participates in this event .All these these teams are likewise divided into two major groups . One group name is AFC (American Football Conference) and other is  NFC  (National Football Conference). Rosters are getting High payroll, you can see all NFL players Salary payroll details here.