Cristiano Ronaldo Salary

  • Sportsman Name: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Game/Sport: Football
  • Monthly income: €75,000 (Euros) (This is basic pay)

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  • Annually salary: €9,00,000 (Euros)

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  • Weekly wage: €18,500 (Euros)
  • Daily payroll: €2500 (Euros)
  • Current Club: Real Madrid C.F
Cristiano Ronaldo Income and Salary

Cristiano Ronaldo

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5 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Salary”

  1. yemmy

    talent is not staying in a single spot thinking that u are good………….C7 you have proved yourself both home and away…….he deserve more than this.. and as for messi, I as a person am still waiting for the day he will leave baca to another club and as for his dady gladiola to move to another club and repeat 6truphy in a season.
    C7……… are the best I even known.

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