Lionel Messi Football player Salary

Lionel Messi is a very popular name now a day. He is an Argentine footballer who has played many matches for his team and earned a good name in the history of football. He has earned a lot of titles due to his great response in matches, recently he has earned a position in the top most favorite soccer player and in 2009 he has given an award of FIFA World Player of the Year.

  • Players name: Lionel Messi
  • Sport: Football / Soccer
  • Monthly salary: €73,000 (Euros)
  • Annually wage: €8,76,000 (Euros)  [Please remember this is basic pay]
  • Weekly pay: €18,250 (Euros)
  • Daily earning: €2433 (Euros)

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  • Current Club of Lionel Messi : Barcelona
Lionel Messi image and salary

Lionel Messi

He plays as a forward player for his team FC Barcelona and scores a lot of goals. He has scored 6 goals in 3 matches on UEFA Champions League.

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Disclaimer: We posted above salaries on after detailed research and verification. (In footballers category, we mentioned only basic pays). Also we used some extra content which is taken from Wikipedia, ESPN as a proper reference of players like their birth dates and birthplaces. That's why We have a Limited copyrights 2014 of this site.

8 Responses to Lionel Messi Football player Salary

  1. sunny says:

    Lionel messi deserve more dan dat bcoz hes the best footballer in the planet.

  2. Jonah says:

    Messi deserve more than what he is earning

    • saad says:

      You think he should earn more ??
      you MAD
      a guy who kicks a ball around a field shouldnt earn that much. Its pathetic the amount of money they earn. Football has gone from a passionate loving sport, to a money greedy profit business. Its horrible, and people like you want them earning more ! its disgraceful.
      Doctors and fire-fighter, people that actually make a difference t humanity should earn that much.

  3. Sports reporter says:

    Guys these are basic salary details of Messi. All salaries given on site are only basic match fees i.e (there is no bonus included, no advertisement Income in these salaries ) These are just Basic wages of each player.

  4. pato says:

    In actual fact messi deserves more than what he is earning.

  5. les gillard says:

    I personally think all the Barca Players are underpayed. But ” It’s more than team”.

  6. Garzy says:

    It’s a real fact that. Lionel Messi is currently the best. Player in the world despite his injury problems, why such a scanty income? The authorities must as a matter of urgency do something about it

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