Giovani dos Santos Salary

Giovani dos Santos footbller pic

Giovani dos Santos

Giovani dos Santos Ramírez is the professional Mexican Soccer / football players who was born in 11 May, 11th 1989 commonly known as “Giovani”. He currently plays with Villarreal CF (Spanish La Liga club) as an attacking midfielder. Giovani started his soccer debut at a young age, being signed up by world one of best Spanish club FC Barcelona B team and played for Barca until 18 years old.


  • Players Name: Giovani dos Santos
  • Game/Sport: Soccer / Football
  • Monthly earning: €48,200 (Euros)
  • Annual salary: €5,78,400 (Euros)

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  • Weekly wage: €12,050 (Euros)
  • Daily earning: €1606 (Euros)
  • Club name: Real Mallorca /  Villarreal CF

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4 thoughts on “Giovani dos Santos Salary”

  1. juan martinez

    this is the best player now a days in Mexico. he deserve way more money compare to others that they have less skill and desire to play well in each game. He loves this sport as I see him playing. he is better than chicharito and others. when he was playing for Machester City, he didn’t have the opportunity to play each game as titular, he always play as a substitute. We know that in order to understand each other inside the field and develop good chemistry with your team makes, you need to be titular or a least play regularity each game with time enough as example 35 minutes or so. I enjoy the way he play; therefore he qualified to way more money

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