If there is a single, most effective way of uniting people, then there is none like sports. Sports cut across all races, religion and languages without any prejudice. The truth is that there is no sport that is more popular than football worldwide, which explains why it has been nicknamed “the beautiful game”. Moreover, the game continues to unleash more talent into the overall worldwide sports entertainment scene, bringing on board several big fish in the corporate world in the form of sponsorships, partnerships and endorsements. Also See salaries of all football club players too.

The truth is that football is no longer just a game or a hobby, but a serious business venture. This therefore explains why it is becoming increasingly difficult to break into the first team even the low tier clubs at the lowest level in the neighborhood. So for those who want to venture into the game or those who have been there for a long time but are finding it difficult to break into the team, this is what you need to do:

1.      Be disciplined

Anybody watching a football match can easily spot the few naturally talented players in a given team. These are the players who are able to dribble their way past their opponents with ease and breathtaking skill. However, it is a normal occurrence for such players to be left out of the team by the team coach because of indiscipline. The coach has the final say on who plays and who doesn’t and therefore discipline is paramount and of utmost importance for any player who hopes to break into a team. Discipline in a team will extend from the dressing room to the training ground, but most often some players forget about this virtue when they get their playing time.

There is no better way to demonstrate a high level of discipline than sticking to the game plan as instructed by the coach during your training routine and obeying his commands as they come from the touchline during the game. Joey Barton, Luis Suarez and Mario Balloteli are some of the players who have been taunted as talented but full of controversy and indiscipline. This has often made them to miss a significant number of games either through suspension or due to differences with their coaches.

2.      Be a team player

Football is a team sport. Regardless of the amount of talent you have, you can never make it in football if you are selfish. Well, even if you make it, somehow your teammates will find a way of frustrating your efforts if you are unwilling to contribute to the common good of the team and sooner or later you will find yourself out of favor. The technicalities of football are such that scouts will mostly have more interest on a player when he is off the ball. Scouts are mostly interested in a how a player anticipates ball movement, positions himself in off-the-ball situations and their attentiveness and awareness about their surrounding and their positioning with respect to the opponents.

3.      Have a positive attitude

Some of the best players ever in world football were not overly talented, but they optimized the little they got and combined it with the right attitude and ultimately they left a mark in the history of the game. Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Andrea Pirlo, Xavi Hernandez,Paul Scholes and Philipo Inzhagi are good examples of players who, though not the best dribblers or the most technically gifted players in the game, they have gone ahead and established themselves among the game’s greats.

This can no doubt be attributed to their strong attitude and team spirit, which enabled them to command great admiration and respect among their peers. Ultimately, their strong character and attitude trickled down and transformed to team success.

4.      Work extra Hard (High work rate)

A successful player has to be hard working no matter how talented he/she already is. Well, we have heard of how Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the training ground thirty minutes after everybody else and how the great Michael Jordan could practice a single move for up to three hours just to get perfection. Well, to be the best, you have to sweat and as a player, one has to demonstrate the will to work extra hard and have a high work rate on the field. This tends to turn players into utility players whose services can never be assumed and whose contribution to a team’s success is critical. It also increases the level of fitness of a player, with the resultant effect being fewer injuries, thus more frequent availability for team selection. Moreover, a player with a high work rate will always be eye-catching.

5.      Confidence and Communication

To make it big in life as a footballer, you have to merge your discipline, talent, attitude and hard work with confidence. Each time you are on the ball, be sure that it’s all yours at that given moment and always look up before you release the ball and ensure that you establish where your teammate is before releasing the ball. Confidence will help you greatly on the pitch since it will ensure your passes are accurate and that you stick to the overall team game plan as directed by the trainers. The net effect is that you become a composed player whose deliveries are accurate and contribute greatly to the team’s overall good performance.


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