Baseball: How to get selected

Baseball is one of the most popular games in the US and is rapidly gaining popularity in many other regions of the world. Getting selected in a basketball team, be it at college or school presents the youth with an amazing opportunity to learn the rigors and skills of team sport. It can instill in them a deep hearted desire to perhaps pursue the game at a higher level especially for non-scholarship kids. If not that it makes a kid aware of his physical strengths and limits. It also boosts kids confident as individuals. When pitching a ball it’s just you and the hitter and in such cases a person’s tests himself and learns to trust his instincts and believe in himself. But these tryouts can be nerve wrecking no matter how small or large the competition is. These are a few things coaches in try outs will keep an eye on. Also, See all MLB teams and players salaries here.

Arm strength, speed and hitting are three of many major qualities with which you must equip your arsenal. However these are not the only factors. Visibly, a player might perform better than the others but the coaches know that it can take months to gauge a player’s ability. Hence they look for a vast set of qualities and not just flash points. Being a natural athlete won’t hurt your case as coaches will look for a balanced player who can benefit the whole team. Power and velocity will be the two factors with which you can easily dazzle coaches but if you lack the firepower then the best way to cope with this would be to work on your fundamentals. They will make you stand out.

Your dressing must be appropriate and resembling that of a serious and committed player, with straight hats, properly tucked shirts and pants that do not sag. Baggy pants are not exactly the coach’s best friends. The image of a willing and committed player that you present will immediately give you an edge over at least a few of your opponents.

Speed is catchy and you can bet it will be something that the coaches will have eyes out for. But this just doesn’t mean running speed. Here, it’s related with the speed of your foot movement, the vitality of catching and throwing, the velocity with which you move your bat as well as your ability to take immediate decisions and the speed to adapt quickly to a game plan.

Approach every task, every class, every drill every event that the coach arranges eagerly. Showcase your passion for the game. Laziness will get you nowhere except out of contention for the team.

One of the most contributing attributes for selection can be your arm strength or throwing. A player with a good precise throw can be trusted in defense and can be trained to play in different positions. On the contrary a player with below average throwing skills whether it be pitching or fielding is hard to trust and select. He is at the mercy of the coach’s judgment. Be focus, concentrate and be accurate.

Work on your hitting. Be consistent in this department as it can be your golden ticket for selection. However hitting doesn’t necessarily means smashing the ball for a homerun with every hit, college pitchers have a lot of variety in their armory. Try making steady contact with line shots as well as placing the hits through a gap.

Base running is also a very important aspect of baseball but perhaps the general perception assumes it is not as important. However college coaches know that a good runner can cut corners, manage the intensity of his run as well as judge the oppositions throw. He can, eventually turn out to be the difference between the two sides by earning his team a few extra innings.

Fielding will always be an important factor in any coach’s mind. Coaches will be on the lookout for players who can charge the ball all as well as pick it up on the move, velocity and precision are your new best friends. Players with true exceptional skills are far and few, hence an average player should work his defensive game to near perfection.

A few extra stars don’t cause any damage and to stand out from the rest you must be consistently able to pitch the ball with not only lightening quick velocity, but also with great accuracy. A pitcher should keep his ball as low as he can, as well as being able to manage a certain amount of movement on his pitches. His serenity and poise will make him highly visible in the eyes of the coach. Especially if speed is not his forte.

Having a change up in your inventory will make you one of those aces that become the team’s star player. It’s a difficult skill to master, as while bowling speed of different velocities the arm action has to be the same. Deceive your opponent and render his hitting skills useless. Warren Spahn, a hall of famer once said, “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.” Mixing up your pitches to perfection is more effective and important than serving high velocity pitches.

The most important factor however will be your attitude and commitment to the game. Everyone cannot manage their schoolwork, social life, family and practice. Stay dedicated and enthusiastic. Don’t let your disappointment get the better of you. Be punctual to training and games, believe in your coach and accept his critique. Be a good team mate and work for improvement. Move forward. Your attitude can compel the coach to overlook your weaknesses and trust you in his team.

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