Top 7 Baseball Team rosters

Check out the complete list of Top 7 Baseball Team rosters here. Every year, teams select new players to strengthen their squad. In baseball you can call squad as a roster in their terms. There are some impressive rosters in Major League Baseball (MLB). Following are the top rosters in Baseball at present….

1.Washington Nationals

Washington nationals have one of the most impressive roster in 2013 as they have just added Dernard Span who is a very good center fielder. They also have some exciting young players like Ian Desmond ,Bryce harper ,Drew storen. They have also added Dan Harren so they have a strong roster they are team to watch this season

2.Cincinnati Reds

If you have strong pitchers then they will make difficult for opposing team to score this team have not oe or two but they have strong pitchers in the like Aroldis Chapman and Jonathan Broxton they have added Shin-Soo Choo who can play as leadoff hitter and they have also added Joey Votto,Ryan Hanigan ,Jay bruce and Zack Cozart.

3.Detroit Tigers.

Detroit Tigers have one of the star studded line up going into the 2013 MLS season. They are the part of Western League.The players are Austin Jackson,Torri Hunter,Miguel Cabrera and this is not the end they are also welcoming back Victor Martinez ,Johnny Peralta,Alex Avila ,Omar Infantr and Andy Dirks.They have also got a great depth in their squad as the got impressive catcher Brayan Pena,infielder Ramon Santiago and Outfielder Quintin berry…They have also strengthen their short stop defense pr you can say a ball pen by adding Peralta and Parcelo to their squad.

4.Los Angeles Angels

They are also a western division team of MLS but did they added any strength to their Roster as there is still is question about their short defense but at least they added Ryan Madson and this also makes Ernesto Frieri a set up man.They have solid lefties like Sean Burnett and scott downs.The roster also have Josh Hamilton,Mark Trumbo and a big hitter Howie Kendrick. The roster can also rotate decently with the likes of Jason Vargas ,Tommy Hanson and CJ Wilson.

5.Toronto Blue Jays.

If you are talking about the combination and speed then Toronto Blue Jays are a team to watch and their pitching staff is also improved.They have Jose Reyes at the top of order and they do take risk by signing Melky Cabrera but he got loads of potential .In terms of power you got Jose bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. They also got the talents of Josh Johnson,Mark Buehrle and Ricky Romero. So if there are no injures concern then you can expect big things from Toronto blue Jays.

6.Los Angeles Dodgers

The professional baseball team established in 1883 at Brooklyn. They also have a highest payroll in baseball so there is no shortage talented players in their roster as they have the players like Matt Kemp,Hanley Ramirez,Andre Either and making a comeback to Dodgers Carl Crawford. They have good bullpen with Brandon League, Kenley Jensen and Javu Guerra. In short they have a impressive roster going into MLS 2013.

7.Atlanta Braves

The team belongs to Atlanta and are the member of Eastern Division of MLS. The team got a good combination of young and older veterans. The got a strong short defense or bullpen with the likes of Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters are there because the have a good right-lefty combination.they got strong right handed players like freddie freeman and Dan Uggla. And also got string pitchers like Kris Medlen,Tim Hudson,Randall Delgado and Paul Maholm.

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