Top 10 Richest owners in World Football

Money plays an important role where ever it is invested or use in any manner. In the last decade the landscape of football is changed due to the involvement of richest owners buying the clubs and want to bring success to the club by investing their money in the club.Though it doesn’t guarantee success but some of the clubs have got great benefit of having rich owners.Chelsea and Manchester city are the perfect example of this . So here are the top 10 richest owners in world football.

10.Roman Abramovich

One of the most famous owner in world football. Roman Abramovich take the ownership of Chelsea in 2003 and splash a lot of money in rebuilding the team.His net worth is around $10.2 billion (€7.71 billion). He spent almost $50 million in every transfer window in trying to make Chelsea stronger and stronger and due to his investment Chelsea are now one of the top teams in Europe having won almost all te major European trophy .

9.John Fredriksen

John Fredriksen is the 9th richest owner in world football .He is a n oil tanker and shipping tycoon .He is the owner of club Valerenga which is a football team from Oslo and plays in Norwegian League .Although the league is not of high standards therefore it doesn’t attract any interest in splashing the money.But Valerenga is one of the top clubs in Norway so therefore investment in that club is not such a problem for him.He is also a bug fan of of English football and may well buy an English club in te near future.His net worth is around $11.5 billion ( €8.69 billion) .

8.Paul Allen

Paul Allen is a successful business man.He is the owner of Western Conference Major league soccer team Seattle Sounders.In addition o that Paul Allen also owns an NFL team Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers of NBA.his net worth is around $15 billion (€11.33 billion).He is also earning plenty of money with his other business plans .

7.Francois Pinault

Francois Pinault is the owner of French Club Stade Rennes who play in French top flight in Ligue 1.His net worth is around $15 billion (€11.33 billion).Not only he is the owner of French club but he is also the owner of number of small fashion stores like Stella McCartney,Alexander McQueen and Gucci.  Though he is the owner of Rennes but his money doesn’t attract too much for the club as their performance in French Ligue 1 is not of the top level .They are a good team but can’t compete with the best teams in France.

6.Rinat Akhmetov

Rinat Akhmetov is a proud owner of the best team in Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk.His net worth is around $15.4 billion ( €11.64 billion ) .Since winning the Europa League in 2009 Shahktar Donetsk is becoming a stronger team both at domestic and European Level and Akhmetov will ne happy to see his beloved club going into a right direction.Despite selling their star players like William, Fernandinho and Henrik mikhtaryan .Shakhtar Dontesk are now a force to reckon with both in Ukraine and at European Level .

5.Lakshmi Mittal

One of the richest man in India and in the world.Lakshmi Mittal is a 33% owner of London Based English club Queen’s Park Rangers.Although in his owner ship the club is relegated from Premier League to Npower Championship.Lakshmi mittal net worth is around $16.5 billion (€12.47 billion). Mittal is a very well known personality in London amd also got the honor of carrying Olympic torch through the city for 2012 Summer olympics. QPR might be relegated but they will not be short of money as they look to het back to the Premier League.

4.Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov is the richest man in Russia and he is one of the wealthiest Premier league owner this time around.He owns 29% share at Arsenal but being a minority shareholder that doesn’t effect Arsenal as he stated many times that he will like to invest his money to make Arsenal a title challenger but board doesn’t allow him to do so. Usmanov total worth is around $17.6 billion (€ 13.3 billion). There is no doubt that Alisher Usmanov is one of the most influential personalities in world football.

3.George Soros

George Soros is not even a majority shareholder of Manchester United not many people associate him with the best club in England that is because of the official club owner Malcolm Glazer of Glazer Family.But he owns a 7.85% of stakes in Manchester united which makes him one of the owners of Manchester United. Soros net worth is around $19.2 billion (€ 14.51 billion).

2.Amanico Ortega

Amanico ortega is one of the fashion icon in Spain mainly because of his well known company Inditex. Ortega is the owner pf Spanish Club Deprtivo La Coruna.His net worth is mouth watering $ 57 billion ( €43.07 billion) . He loves the club so much that he postponed the wedding of his daughter just to watch the match but they were relegated that season but are now back in La liga

1.Carlos Slim

The richest owner in world football also happens to be a richest man in the world Carlos Slim who has a net worth of astonishing $73 billion (€ 55.16 billion) .Carlos Slim is the owner of three football clubs two of them are in Mexico an one of them is in Spain. Club Pachuca (Mexico), Club Leon ( Mexico) and Real Oviedo ( Spain). He helped Real Oviedo to get out from serious money troubles .

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