Top 7 Richest NFL players in 2013-2014

NFL is popular American football which is played all across the country known as National Football League and their final which is known as “Super Bowl” is one of biggest sports event of the country.So it is obvious that people are interested in watching top players and also want to know how much they earn so here are top 7 richest players in NFL.

7.Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is one of the most gifted athlete in the NFL.Nicknamed as Megatron and play for Detroit Lions as Wide receiver (WR) earns $26.3 million (€19.52m) a year.He signed a 8 year deal worth $132 million (€97.97m).He is one of the most fittest player in the league and also his performances makes him one of the best WR in the league as he covers 122 yard per game which is record for Detroit Lions.

6.Tony Romo

Tony Romo is an American football quarterback who plays for Dallas Cowboys in NFL .His performances are amazing considering his stats as he covers 228 yards per game and in top form he can even surpass 300 yards.He is currently earning $28.8 million ( €21.38 million) per year.He also has the honor of being Pro bowl three times in his career and currently the sixth richest NFL of 2013.

5 .Peyton Manning

The most famous and experienced player in NFL is none other than Peyton Manning .He has the honour of being Pro Bowl 12 times in his -5 year career.In 2012 he signed a deal with Denver Broncos in 2012 worth $30 million (€22.27m) annually and not only that he will earn $12m (€8.91m) in endorsements.He is also doing a lot of charity work for raising the standard of living for deserved and poor people .

4.Joe Flacco

Joseph Vincent known as “Joe Flacco” is an American football quarterback who plays for Baltimore Ravens.Flacco is a young and impressive player who is physically very strong and his successful pass percentage is more than 60 which shows how good player he is .Baltimore Ravens gave him $120.6 million (€89.07m) contract for 5 years which is a record in NFL history.In last 12 months he earn $36.8 million (€27.31m ) which makes him 4th highest paid NFL player on the list.

3.Tom Brady

After Peyton Manning ,Tom Brady is the most experienced player in NFL.He achieved almost everything in the NFL.He is currently earning $38.3 million (€28.43m) per year.He is the most popular among fans too as he has amazing 1.8 million fans on his Facebook page which shows how much people love him.

2.Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a player who has the best successful pass percentage in the history of NFL with fascinating 65.7 % successful passes.The Green Bay quarterback currently earns a whopping $49 million dollar annually ( €36.37) million.If Tom Brady is the most popular superstar on Facebook then so do Asron Rodgers on twitter with 1 million followers

1.Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints Quarter back is the most richest NFL up to date as he earns $51 million (€37.85m) per year .His eye catching performances in recent games are worth watching .He i yhe player with most games of 80% successful passes and his average yard per game is impressive 326 yards.

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Disclaimer: We posted above salaries on after detailed research and verification. (In footballers category, we mentioned only basic pays). Also we used some extra content which is taken from Wikipedia, ESPN as a proper reference of players like their birth dates and birthplaces. That's why We have a Limited copyrights 2014 of this site.

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