Josh McCown Chicago Bears player Salary details

Full name “Joshua Treadwell McCown” was born in 4th July 1979 at Jacksonville, Texas, America. 6 feet 3 inch fantastic NFL player who was selected in third round of the National Football League Draft by the Arizona Cardinals in early 2002. His family memebers also plays professional American football.  He is the little brother of ex- Texas QB Randy McCown and elder brother of Luke McCown who plays from New Orleans Saints team as a QB.

  • players Name: Josh McCown
  • Sport: NFL / American Football
  • Yearly Salary: $580,200 (USD) [Including Bonus + Sponsors earning]
  • Monthly income: $48,340 (USD)

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  • Weekly wage: $11,600 (USD)
  • Daily earning: $1,589 (USD)
  • Expected next years payroll: $UFA (USD)
  • Basic salary: $840,000 (USD)
  • Position: QB (Qurterback)
  • His Team: Chicago Bears
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