Dean Ambrose American Wrestler Salary

Let’s talk about another super legend wrestler whose actual name is Jonathan Good. Dean is basically his wrestling name, and before that he was also known as Jon Moxley when he worked in another wrestling ring named Independent Circuit. He has now made a team in WWE which is called The Shield and recently it is known that this team will face Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Big E Langston.

  • Full Name: Jonathan Good
  • Game: Wrestling
  • Annual income: $595,000 (USD) [Includes Bonus]
  • Monthly wage: $49,580 (USD)

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  • Weekly salary: $11,900 (USD)
  • Daily erning: $1,630 (USD)
  • Expected next years payroll: $795,000 (USD)
  • Dean Ambrose Net worth: $4,165,000 (USD)
  • Height and Weight: 230 lbs or 104 kg and 6 feet 4 inch or 193 cm
  • Date of Birth: December, 7 1985
  • Country: America
Dean Ambrose latest pic

Dean Ambrose

He has also won the World Heavy Weight Championship of FIP and CZW World Heavy Weight Championship also. In 2014 he along his team is going to face Mysterio team in upcoming Royal Rumble.

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