T.J. Oshie St. Louis Blues player Salary info

T.J. Oshie is one of the best ice hockey players who are known for their great skills and brilliant performances in ice hockey matches. He currently playing for an American Ice hockey team named St. Louis Blues. He has been playing for St. Louis Blues since 2008 and has scored many goals for his team and country. He shows a very excellent performance in every game that’s why everyone likes him very much. Recently on 7 Feb 2014 he has won a match for his team by passing a goal in the last minute which was against the Bruins.

  • Sportsman Name: T.J. Oshie
  • Sport: Ice Hockey / NHL
  • Annual income:$4,000,000 (USD)
  • Monthly earning: $333,333 (USD)
  • Weekly wage: $80,000 (USD)

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  • Daily pay: $10,958 (USD)
  • Expected next years pay: $4,500,000 (USD)
  • Current Team: St. Louis Blues
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