Top 5 Richest Rugby Players of all time

Rugby is a game that needs a very strong and fit player to participate in this type of sport. So you have to be physically very fit and healthy in order to being a rugby player. And no doubt there are a lot famous persons who earned millions of Dollars and pounds by being a rugby player. Now the following players which we are going to discuss are some of the richest Rugby players in all over the world.

1.   Paul Caddick Net Worth ($225 Million US Dollars and £136.4 Million pounds)

According to Sunday Times Rich List Paul Caddick has earned net worth of £150 Million pounds in the year 2012. Now he is retired British Rugby Player but the richest one in the world among all other players.  He is not only a player but also worked as a Civil Engineer, he completed his degree in 1960’s and started a work with a company named it Caddick Group of Civil Engineering at Yorkshire. He earned almost £38 Million Pounds from that business.

2.   Sir Tony O’Reilly ($180 Million US Dollars &£120 Million Pounds)

He is a 77 year’s old Irish Rugby player who named himself in the list of Richest Rugby players in the world by earning net worth of $180 million US dollars. He was not only a best Rugby Player but was also a good Business man. He earned a very huge amount in Pounds and Dollars through his business deals. He took both the things his work and his sport along with each other and in between 1955 and 1963 he played 30 times for the Barbarians and scored 38 tries.

3.   Simon McDowell ($54 Million US Dollars & £32.73 Million British Pounds)

He is also an Irish Rugby Player who played so many matches for North Ireland Football Club from 1987 to 1990. He earned net worth of 54 million US dollars and got his name in the Richest Rugby Player’s list. He played many games until he injured while playing Rugby and afterwards he placed a position of Referee and worked as referee at 2007 and 2011 World Cups.

4.   Steve Smith ($45 Million US Dollars & £35 Million Pounds)

He was such a good player who captained his team very well in the year 1982 to 1983. He was also a good business man who dealt in Cotton Traders Clothing with Fan Traders and earned a very huge amount. He just earned his name in the Richest Rugby Player’s List by making net worth of 45 Million US Dollars.

5.   Bill Gammell ($45 Million US Dollars & £30 Million British Pounds)

He is 61 years old retired Rugby Player who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His net worth is 45 Million US Dollars who earned his name in the richest player’s list. He was a Scottish player and also an industrialist. He gave a lot of good performances in many matches but the best of all is against Japan in 1977.

All of them not only the Richest Players but was also a great persons who won a lot of matches for their teams.

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