England Cricket Players Salary

England team is one of the best ICC World Cup Team who has total of 11 players and according to new contract who will play until 2019. Now let’s talk about the monthly, yearly and weekly income of top 10 England players.

Alaister Cook

Let’s see first the salary of the captain of England team. He is the most expensive player of England who is now earning £850,000 pounds per month. If we see s ODI fee then we come to know that he is given almost £5000 pounds per ODI match. As for the captain of team he is earning extra £300,000 pounds. His T20 fee is around £3500 and test match fee is around £12,000. The amount that he is given is no doubt a very fascinating amount.

James Anderson    

James Anderson has been playing ICC World Cup matches since 2003 and always gives a very great performance in every match. He plays as a bowler for his team and has taken many wickets in his career. If we talk about his monthly income then we come to know that he is second most expensive player of his team because he is taking almost £700,000 pounds per month. His ODI and test fee are also very high that are £5000and £12,000. He is the best bowler and teammate of his team and has made a lot of fans for his brilliant performances.

Ian Bell                                

Ian Bell is a right hand batsman of England cricket team and has also played county cricket for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. He is a very excellent performer and due to this he always wins the heart of his teammate, seniors and his country people. He is now earning £700,000 pounds per month and his test fee is almost £12,000. In the T20 matches he is given around £3500 and in ODI matches is £5000, which is a very handsome amount for a cricket player.

Tim Bresnan

Tim Bresnan is not only a great fast bowler but also a very brilliant batsman of England team. He never let his country down and always tries his best to push up his team from down to up level. He came to join the team officially when he was under 19 and from there he made many efforts to reach the highest level of success and this is its reward that he is now earning almost £700,000 pounds per month. His ODI and test match fees are also very high that are almost £5000 and £12,000 pounds.

Stuart Broad

He is a very handsome and fascinating player of his team who plays as a bowler in his team and not only this he is also a left hand batsman. You can estimate the performance of this player by seeing that his seniors made him the captain of T20 world cup match only because of his brilliant performances. He is now earning £700,000 pounds as a basic salary and his T2o fee that ICC is paying him is around £3500 pounds. Not only this, his ODI and test matches fee are also very up that are almost £5000 and £12,000 pounds.

Steven Finn

Steven Finn is an all-rounder player of England team who’s batting and bowling, both are very excellent. He is picked by his seniors to play at international level in 2009 and gave him a chance to show his skills in T20 world cup match. From there he impressed everyone and that’s the reason he is now earning almost £700,000 pounds per month in such a young age. Not only this, if we see his test and ODI matches fee then we come to know that he is earning around £12,000 and £5000 pounds from there.

Kevin Pietersen

He basically plays as a right hand batsman for England team but he can also bowl when needed. Although he is not an English man but he plays for his team very sincerely and all of his teammates look very satisfied of his performance. He is a very struggling player who has struggled a lot to reach the highest point of success and that’s why now in return he is given around £700,000 per month. His test and ODI matches fee are also very high that is estimated almost £12,000 and £5000 pounds.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior is a very experienced and helpful player of his team. He is basically playing as a wicketkeeper for his team but he is also a very excellent batsman that no one can deny. He has also won many titles and awards throughout his career and all of this is only for his great skills and brilliant performances. You can also estimate his playing skills from there when he won three times County Championship in 2003, 2006 and 2007. If we see his salary then it is around £700,000 pounds and his test and ODI matches fees are £12,000 and £5000 pounds.

Joe Root

He is a very young and charming player of his team who plays as a right hand batsman and always goes as an opening batsman. He is also called as an upcoming star of England team because in such a young age he has earned his name with in no time. No one can imagine that he is earning around £700,000 pounds per month as his basic salary in such a young age by only playing cricket. He is now taking £12,000 pounds in test matches,£5000 pounds in ODI and £3500 pounds in T20 matches.

Graeme Swann

Let’s talk about the salary of Graeme Swann who is a spin bowler of England team. He has played many Test, ODI and World Cup matches throughout his career and always gave a hell of good performance by taking many golden wickets when needed. It’s only because of his efforts and skills that he is given almost £700,000 pounds per month and not only this, his test and ODI matches fees are also very fascinating that are almost £12,000 and £5000 pounds. Recently in T20 matches he is taking £3500 pounds which is quite adorable.

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