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AJ Styles Salary

  • Sportsman Name: AJ Styles
  • Sport/game: Wrestling
  • Annual earning: $585,000 (USD) [Includes Bonus]
  • Monthly income: $49,166 (USD)

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  • Weekly wage: $11,800 (USD)
  • Daily salary: $1,616 (USD)
  • Expected next years payroll: $685,000 (USD)
  • AJ Styles Net worth: $4,130,000 (USD)
  • Height and Weight:215 lbs. (98 kg) at 5’10” (1.78 m)
  • Real Name: Allen Neil Jones
  • Date of Birth: 2nd June 1978
  • Country: USA

Rick Michaels trained the Allen Neal Jones (A.J. Styles) and he started his carrier in 1998 as Mr. Olympia in National Championship Wrestling promotion Georgia. Near early August 1999 he came first in the Television Championship. On 8th January 2000 A.J. crushed K-Krush and won his 2nd Television Championship. His final time in power ended on 21st  February when Allen Neal  lost to Robbie Rage in Athens, Georgia.

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    AJ Styles