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Big E Langston Wrestler Salary

Big E Langston is basically an American Professional Wrestler. His real name is actually EtoreEwen, he uses Big E Langston name in the WWE ring. If we talk about his past life then we come to know that he has won many awards because of his athletic nature. He has won the award of “Iron man of the year” while he attended Wharton High School.

  • Wrestler name: Big E Langston
  • Sport/game: Wrestling
  • Annual Salary: $565,000 (USD) [Includes Bonus]
  • Monthly salary: $47,083 (USD)
  • Weekly earning: $11,300 (USD)
  • Daily income: $1,547 (USD)

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  • Expected next years payroll: $665,000 (USD)
  • Big E Langston Net worth: $3,955,000 (USD)
  • Height and Weight: 275 lbs. or 125 kg) at 6’0” or 183 cm
  • Real Name: Ettore Ewen
  • Date of Birth: 1st March 1986
  • Country: USA

    Big E Langston Image and Salary

    Big E Langston

He was not a wrestler from the beginning; he also played football as a defensive line man when he was in University of Lowa. After signing in WWE he went straight to the Florida Championship Wrestling. In 2012 he appeared in WWE NXT Series.